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We were having dinner in the city, me and the girls. The topic was klichéish, but yes….men. And sex. Our conclusion, post dinner: Guys picture of themselves as sex athletes is far from ours. We´re a gold mine to be discovered and they dig porn flick shallowly. So some wine and giggles later we decided to shed light on the topic. Out came this app. We´re happy and proud. Yes, we blush a little, but we firmly believe that we can build awareness from this, and more future pleasure for us women. And fulfillnes in men. Don´t see this app as an instruction book. See it as a fun toy and blushing game, with a bigger purpose. Send to a friend and spread the legs…hrrrm….word.

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This sexy mobile app reveals the secrets of female pleasure and this app is the answer to sex for mobile. This sex app will give you lots of private learning time to practice your love skills on different women with different needs. A porn app with virtual vagina's.The women in the pussy game have different levels of difficulty. A cunt game with real female voices will give you feedback on when you are doing it right but will also let you know when you are doing it wrong. Improve your skills in this vagina app and play with 21 year old Lisa who wants to help you help her. This sexy mobile app will make you level up in ways you never knew was possible.