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Master Bettie The Master Bettie app reveals the secrets of female lust and pleasure. This app will give you lots of private learning time to practice your love skills on different women with different needs. Many women have shared their wishes with us, the result is a fun and informative game with 12 playable unique virtual vagina's. Real female voices will give you feedback as you play your way through the different levels and just like in real life you will be rewarded when you meet your womans needs and make no mistake, she will let you know when you screw up.

Improve your skills and play with 21 year old Lisa who wants to help you help her. Spend a little time on 45 year old Rita who will share all of her experience with you. There are many others to play with, who knows, sometimes in the future you might even be ready to Master Bettie. The Master Bettie app is only available for download here! Good luck!

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